We ensure high and stable quality of our products thanks to quality integrated management system, which fulfils the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2015


  • Our company has implemented two innovative processing methods, the result of which, in addition to increased performance of machine parts, is the reduction of hazardous waste as the grinding sludge and oily cleaner
  • We have significantly reduced the consumption of wooden packaging of large-size machine parts by reusing these packages until they are completely used up
  • We replaced older type, energy-intensive machine tools with new more energy-efficient machines
  • We have modernized the lighting of the production hall by replacing energy-consuming lamps with energy-efficient LED lamps, and the sectional, more precise illumination of the required areas further contributes to lower electricity requirements for lighting workstations
  • We have modernized the heating system of the production hall making it less energy-intensive through the possibility of real-time control and through recuperation, i.e. recovery of thermal energy of the air exhausted from the production hall. This air is additionally filtered for micropollutants and fat fractions
  • In order to systematically reduce our electricity consumption, thereby also reducing our carbon footprint, we have begun the process of obtaining electricity from the sun. We have installed the first section of 50 kW photovoltaic panels on the roof of our production hall. We are currently working on expanding the system to the maximum possible size

Innovative technology for the production of large-size machine parts using friction taper joints – a new offer for customers

As part of the program to support the implementation of the results of research and development work, sub-measure 3.2.1 Research for the market: “Implementation of R&D results on the development of a new method of manufacturing large-size machine parts with parameters new to the market,” we have implemented our proprietary, innovative technology for making large-size tapered connections in machine parts.

The developed technology entitled “Method of making large-size conical holes in non-rotating machine parts” has been granted an invention patent registered with the Polish Patent Office under No. 234643.

The implemented technology will enable the production of machine parts using frictional conical connections with parameters:

Dimensional manufacturing precision (straightness of the conical bore forming with a value of 0.045 / 800 mm, angular convergence of the conical bore with a deviation from the nominal value of +/- 0.004 degrees, roundness in cross-section with a deviation from the nominal value of less than 0.1 mm)

Roughness of the active surface of the cone with a value of 0.18 μm

Increasing the hardness of the active surface of the cone by 40-50 HV to a target value in the range of 205-210 HV as a result of diamond blade burnishing of the surface

Reduction in susceptibility to intergranular surface corrosion as a result of diamond blade burnishing

Adhesion coefficient of conical mating surfaces in the range of 90-93%

We address our new service primarily to companies operating in the energy, shipbuilding, chemical and engineering sectors.

We invite you to cooperate with us using the potential of the new technology

Innovative technology for production of medium-sized machine shafts-new offer for customers

The implemented technology will improve the production of shafts with high manufacturing accuracy and increased fatigue strength and surface hardness.

The technology makes it possible to produce shafts with high manufacturing precision – it allows to achieve surface roughness Ra 0.08 μm and dimensional and shape accuracy at the level of IT7-IT8 class.

It also influences a favorable change in the physical properties of the material in the surface layer, increasing the microhardness of the surface, also resulting in increased resistance to wear and tear, such as fatigue, abrasive wear and corrosion.

We address our new service primarily to companies operating in the energy, shipbuilding, chemical and machinery sectors.

We invite you to cooperate with us by taking advantage of the potential of the new technology

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